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Design Thinking

Design Thinking encourages teams to focus on the people they're creating solutions for. I offer design thinking workshops to help teams create better products, services, and processes. Need a workshop for your team? You can book me here.

Gain Awareness

I design workshops to help teams gain awareness about the concept of Design Thinking. There is so much confusion around the idea itself, and I realized an awareness workshop opens people's eyes to the truth and potential of Design Thinking

Transform Mindsets

Design Thinking is a mindset. I do not see it just as a concept applied in problem-solving. I see it as a way of life itself. Since the core of design thinking is empathy, we can apply empathy anywhere in our life. 

Hands-on Activity

My workshops are activity-based. I design the activity by understanding the nature of your team's work. The activity is also uniquely designed for your team. They get to Apply Design Thinking and solve a problem. This way, they get to learn while having fun.

Unlock Potential

When a team actively practices Design Thinking, there is no limit to what they can achieve. The workshops are designed to transform the way people usually think and work. Hence unlocking potential like never before.

LinkedIn APAC Team

I loved designing and facilitating the Design Thinking Workshop for the LinkedIn APAC C&B Team. Every participant was full of energy and enthusiasm. The team was curious to learn about Design Thinking, and they learned it by applying the concept to a simple activity.

linkedin Design Thinking Workshop.jpeg
AIM Design Thinking Workshop.jpg
AIM Alumni Leaders

I had a great time executing the design thinking workshop for the AIM Alumni Bangalore Chapter. We applied Design Thinking to develop future initiatives for the Asian Institute of Management, Bangalore Alumni. Everyone gave their all and came up with innovative and actionable Ideas to increase Alumni Engagement.

Looking for a Design Thinking Workshop for your team?

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